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Facilities at Shams London Academy

Despite a long list of endless problems and hurdles at every stage, due to the prevailing environments in the country, SLA has strived to provide its pupil with following facilities at all of the campuses:

Oxford stream of studies

Oxford stream of studies are followed for the major subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics & Computer Science and OUP (Oxford University Press) books are made available to students beside, National curriculum. It would not be wrong to say that SLA syllabus is a fine blend of modern education and our national curriculum—thus catering for the needs of the local environment including social, moral, cultural & religious aspects.
In our future plans, students of SLA will appear in the GCSE (Cambridge University International) Examination held under the Cambridge University through the British Council. This will open endless opportunities for the students globally as it holds international accreditation.


None can deny the fact that a student can only gain knowledge if provided with a conducive and congenial environment. Keeping this in mind, SLA has facilitated students with proper classrooms, furniture, white boards, chairs/benches, desks etc. Moreover, furniture such as chairs, benches, desks etc. are made available to all students keeping in mind the age group.

Science Laboratories

Science laboratory is undoubtedly an essential part of any educational institution. Keeping its importance in mind, SLA has provided well equipped science laboratories at all of its academies. Students regularly visit these laboratories and gain practical knowledge in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology thus expanding their horizons and not just staying limited to the prescribed syllabus books.

Computer Labs

Importance of computer technology and that of information technology has gained so much momentum in the recent days that a nation cannot even think of development and advancement without these. SLA has provided computer labs equipped with latest computer systems and multimedia projectors. Networking and internet facility has already been made available at two academies and work is under way at the remaining academies.


Keeping in mind the fact that reading is a vital factor in improving the abilities of a student and furthermore, opening up new avenues of knowledge, SLA is furnishing its libraries at all academies. Books on various topics are being acquired from Oxford University Press and other publishers. Future plans include on-line libraries made accessible to students.

Book Shop

Due to either non availability or shortage of Oxford University Press books in the local market, SLA has setup its own book shops for parents to acquire books at discounted rates.

Uniform Shop

SLA uniform for students being different from that of local schools, has been made available at uniform shops at the academies thus ridding the parents of the painful and tiring process of getting the same stitched. Rates, again, are kept very reasonable.

Sports Equipment

There is an old and often quoted saying that “a healthy body bears a healthy mind”. To ensure physical fitness of students, sports equipment is provided for different games. After ample practice, students compete in inter-academy sports competitions planned, in advance, in the academic calendar of the particular academic session. Winning teams are duly awarded with certificates and prizes whereas the winning academy is presented with an overall champion’s trophy for the game. This serves as an incentive for students and staff of all academies.

P.A. Equipment

All academies are provided Public Address systems that are used during morning assembly and other school functions. Students gain confidence by addressing a gathering of five to six hundred people that include the Principal, vice principal, head teacher, teachers and fellow students. Every class is supposed to conduct the morning assembly as per the schedule. Students are selected by the class teacher, turn by turn, for conducting, recitation, translation, National Anthem and good words. They are made responsible for their class’s turn and are required to manage the whole affair themselves—under the guidance of the class teacher.

Tuck Shops

Students are not permitted to leave the academy campus at any cost during school hours; tuck shops have been created where hygienically safe edible/perishable items are made available at rebated prices.


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