Our Branches

Our Current Branches:

SLA Got approval in 2004 & started in 2008, presently running 12 branches. Our first ever branch was on ground in 2007 at Khair Khana in Kabul. Second branch started functioning in the year 2008 at Mukroryan, Kabul. Third was at Jalalabad and was inaugurated in 2009. Fourth and fifth branches have been launched recently i.e. admissions are open from January 2010 at Taimani and Arzan Kimat, Kabul. It is worth mentioning here that the Taimani branch is a girls’ high school and meant to facilitate girl students whose parents do not wish to enroll them in co-education.

Our Future Branches:

Shams London Academy has plans to expand to all provinces of Afghanistan till the end of year 2020. We have started to open our branches from the regional province & then move to all other provinces within a period of next ten years, Insha’Allah.

We would have 40 schools & 5 universities by 2050.

We have also planned to launch our very own “Shams London University” by 2050 to facilitate students graduating from 12th grade.