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Our Departments

Each and every branch of the SLA has been furnished with the following departments—that work independently but under the umbrella of the headquarter team—for streamlining the day to day activities and to ensure smooth functioning:

M.D Office:

It manage all other Departments


Education Department:

Managing curriculum development team
• Conducting research
• Liaising with Directors and Teachers
• Developing educational games and other activities
• Evaluating teacher performance
• Preparing teaching schedules
• Preparing budgets for educational programs.


Admin Department:

Sorting out the post
Answering the phones
Ordering office stationery supplies
Greeting clients
Managing diaries


HR Deparment:

working closely with various departments


Finance Department:

Analysis of the books
Reporting to management
Producing accounts
Monitoring the performance of the department
Overseeing all tax and regulatory/compliance issues
Contributing to decisions regarding financial strategy



Marketing Department:

From market research to product marketing to public relations


Law & Legal Department:

A Legal Practice Manager describes an employee who has a wide range of management and administration responsibilities at a law firm with the overall purpose of ensuring the smooth day to day running of the legal office


General Services:

To cater for the general services needs of academies and is supervised by dedicated GS officers.

Transport Department:

Under the command of independent transport officers, it provides a safe, reliable and decent transportation to students and staff.

Security Department:

Top priority is given to the safety and security of students and staff and thus each academy has its fool proof security arrangements planned and implemented by a central security department headed by a security officer. Trained and fully armed guards are recruited for the purpose.

Appreciation and commendation are used as morale boosters in case of teachers as well as students


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